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Our Anti-Fog Cloth- Taking Care of Your Daily Life.   The mask makes the hot air we breathe to create a fog on the lenses that affect our vision. However, wearing a mask during an epidemic is essential, especially in the case of a global infection with COVID-19. So you need anti-fog fo..
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Antibacterial Mask CaseFor the sterilization in 3 hours of your disposable or fabric masks, or any other object - A new patented Korean technologyMicro-copper integrated into the material with antibacterial action (copper has the property of destroying viruses quickly and irreversibly).Deodorizes yo..
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Hand sanitizer using 100% natural Bulgarian lavender oil with a natural fragrance good for respiratory.Lavender OilNon-toxic and naturalDisinfectant functionDepression preventionPerm oilAntibacterialAnti-inflammatoryAs a natural moisturizerProvides deep skin nutrientsLicorice extractDermatitisD..
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Bentonite Waterproofing System - BentoMastic (1 unit = 18kg) Bentonite Waterproofing System - BentoMastic (1 unit = 18kg)
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BentoMastic, of which main ingredient is sodium bentonite, is a hydrating and swelling seal mastic. Main application is to fill form-tie holes, honey-combs penetration and damaged or defective once of waterproofing sheet, prior to, during and after installation of GCL (geosynthetic clay liner).Chara..
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